Monday, 7 May 2012

My First Post

Ok so it is 6.45 pm and I have decided to start a blog!
For those who knows me, would understand that this makes me feel completely out of my comfort zone being on display for constant judgement but here I am.
My life so far consists of this...
I currently live in Melbourne and am married to by best friend Sam.
I have been a chef for 6 years and am still completely in love with food (especially cheese) and I have a goal to open a business.
I have a cute little French inspired wine and cheese bar in mind showcasing local wines and produce.
I am a dreamer and I have a million ideas in my head so no doubt my mind will change again, but for now that is the plan.
I think the plan for my blog will be to attempt to inspire people to get back in the kitchen, cook for and with family and friends and to help support local small businesses promote thier produce, Then maybe if anyone ends up reading this you can help me further my food knowledge and help me find new places to eat and shop!

Let's see how it goes....

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