Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Merrywell, Crown

So Tuesday night Sam and I left our humble suburban home and ventured out to the city.

We ended up at crown to meet friends for the newest burger bar in town.... The Merrywell.

It is located on the corner of clarendon street and south bank just opposite the melbourne exhibition centre.

It is Melbourne's latest Gastro pub (a trendy pub that serves high end food and beer without the pretentious atmosphere) it's owned by two great American chefs Sam DeMarco and Grant MacPherson.

As we walked in there was two dining areas upstairs was a stylish dining area with candles and a balcony overlooking the yarra
Then the downstairs area had a funky little bar perfect for after work or pre dinner drinks and a small dining area which was a stylish hamburger bar.

We sat down eyes bigger than our stomachs and ordered a feast from chilli fries to onion rings and hamburgers served in little red baskets just like in the movie Grease.

I had a KISS burger which had onions, cheese, tomato and my favourite pickles!! And for $12 it was the best burger I've had!!!

The selection was great and even had an alcoholic float menu they also serve the classic American cherry cola and root beer!
Over all it was a great night reasonably priced, good sized portions and really trendy atmosphere.
Plus to feed 4 pretty big eaters for under $100 is really good I think

I've now decided that I'm going to give the restaurants i write about a rating out 5 (5 being Excellent, 1 being poor)

The Merrywell gets a total of 3.5

I really recommend it!
Until next time
The Passionate Foody

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