Saturday, 23 March 2013

French escargot

France.. what springs to mind? The Eifel Tower? The Arc De Triomphe ? Well for me the things I link to the decedent paree are words like foie gras, terrine, pâté,and not to mention the delish array of French patisseries with creme brûlée, Mille fuilles and don't get me started on the champagne, ohhhhh yeahhhh!!!!

The fact is that without the precision and technique that is French cuisine our western world as we know it would be completely different!
As chefs we Are taught a great deal about French cooking not only by learning technique but by learning terms and definition as well.

Now however creative these French culinary genius are you have to wonder what is going through their heads when they come up with these few dishes....

Tete de Veau or Calf’s Head.
Smoked Ox Tongue
Tripe the French soul food.
Ris de Veau or calf’s pancreas
Frog’s Legs
Escargot – snails

And it makes you wonder how they thought ... Well lets eat a snail

Today there are over 100 different types of garden snails but in France, only two types are found.
the snails are normally killed, removed from their shells and cooked in garlic butter, stock or wine. escargot is high in protein and low in fat content (depending on how they are cooked and how much butter is smeared all over them.) but they do contain 15% protein, 2.4% fat and about 80% water.

Now I am defiantly not suggestion going on a scavenger hunt in the backyard but these slippery little suckers also come in a tin ( what doesn't?) and the health benefits are they are high in protein, vitamin e and magnesium,

So maybe It is the week to be impulsive or experimental.. Buy a tin and pretend to be Manu,

Bon appetite

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