Monday, 28 January 2013

Seed cafe Mordialloc

Hey guys,
Today I headed out to breakfast at a local spot I have been dying to try called "seed" at 9 Centreway Mordialloc.
It's open 7 days a week for all day breakfast and lunch and renown themselves for good wholesome food.
We arrived at "seed" at around 10.30am and the place was buzzing.

There were cyclists,families, couples it was a real homely atmosphere.
It was quite deceiving because what from the street looked like a small cafe once you were inside was a rather large space.
As we walked in we were greeted immediately and offered a table near the window.

We had a lovely waiter taking care of us who brought us our tea ( has to be English Breakfast but I can go into that another time) and menus as soon as we sat.

The menu was quite extensive with something to tantalise even the fussiest of eaters.
After some ummming and Ahhhing I decided on a dish which I couldn't pronounce it was called...

Tunisian Shakshuca

It consisted of a chickpea and roasted tomato stew topped with fresh roquette, Labne cheese ,2 free range poached eggs and toasted ciabatta.

Now I have to say I was sceptical as I was unsure as to what I was going to get.
A stew for breakfast? With cheese and gooey eggs ??

Well not only was it presented beautifully it was so delishous I could have eaten it twice over!
The stew was a lovely thick consistancy with spices like smokey paprika and cumin made it a winner from the start then the Labne added a creaminess to it and the eggs just added a velvety thickener when those yolks oozed over the stew.
Plus l ensured nothing went to waste and soaked up ever last drop with the crusty bread.

So I am highly recommending "seed" it was resonably priced it had cost me $19 for my breakfast and tea, they provided quick lovely service and call me a sucker but when I went to tip I was told that all the staff that were tipped put their money towards a young 6 year old girl named Graciela from Ecuador She was "seeds" sponsor child from world vision.

So I left feeling full and happy and felt like there are some lovely people in the world.
So over all two thumbs up from me 👍👍

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