Wednesday, 21 November 2012

McDonald's vs Tecoma

This may be a somewhat controversial subject but McDonald's in Tecoma, pro or con???
I'm not sure where I stand on this subject... After living in the Dandenong ranges for a few years I understand that it is a place of tranquility, community and a foodie haven which is why at first thought placing a McDonald's in this part of the world may be a bad decision.

All I know that protesters have been working around the clock to get this mega fast food chain to "burger off".
Locals are worried about the impact it will have on there homes including higher levels of traffic, noise and not to mention the potential risk of rubbish pollution of the beloved Sherbrooke forest which is only 800 m away from the proposed building site along with being 50 m away from a local primary school.

This is why Tecoma is in such a state of rage, why build a 24/7 McDonald's when there is one situated less than 10 km away.

Now this is one side of the story...
What about supporting the takeaway food giant?
Do McDonald's not do a lot for the community and family's eg. The Ronald Mc Donald house??

Do McDonald's not hire people for work experiences ? Which from my opinion in hospitality more people are likely to hire staff that have worked for McDonald's because of there high training standards.

Do McDonald's not use Australian produce in their restaurants?
And should they be blamed for potential rubbish and pollution when us as humans are to lazy to place things in the bins which are provided by the company??

But I have to say that I think that the Dandenong ranges are known for their beauty and uniqueness. Being able to enjoy a relaxing cup of earl grey at Miss Marples tea house in Sassafras, climb the "100step" hill or have breakfast at the scrumptious "earthly pleasures" in Belgrave these are what attract the tourists
The uniqueness!

But it's up to us to choose to have your say there is a Facebook page I will put a link at the bottom.
So what do u think ... I may be leaning to one side now more than the other.

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