Sunday, 10 June 2012

Eating for the scent of it.

Food... its one of those things you cant live without, well i cant anyway.

In the last few weeks i have seriously been considering giving up the thing i love the most(apart from Hubby) "food", I've been thinking of leaving the industry and stop talking about the things i love.

Then i was in the middle of a little suburb just outside of Melbourne called Bacchus Marsh, surrounded by fresh homegrown produce and little bakehouse's and i stopped and realised that there is no way possible i would give this up.

Cooking, Eating or Dining is what helps us restore all our senses, if you stop and think about it what would food or the whole experience be like if you couldn't see what we were eating? and if we couldn't see what we were eating would you still eat it if you couldn't smell it?
I have a challenge for you.. next time you crack into a block of chocolate before if your anything like me you devourer the entire thing take a small piece and block your nostrils!
as you chew you can feel that its smooth and taste that its sweet now before you swallow it unblock your nose then .... WHAM!!
You are hit with this scent of pure indulgence one that I'm sure you don't appreciate as you sit on the couch watching a soppy Hugh Grant movie while eating enough chocolate to get your entire calcium intake for a year, maybe that's just me?

Anyway food is a precious thing, but because it is so readily available everywhere i don't think we truly understand how enjoyable it can be.

As i  sit here writing this blog and actually wonder if anyone is reading this, wondering if i can get people to see food how i do or if we are a dying breed and that we are just eating because we have to.

when i wrote my macaroon blog i had a comment and i have to say that i have never been SO EXCITED that i had someone that wanted to read what i had said, what i had thought and wanted me to keep talking. So to that person i would like to thank you for helping me get the confidence to keep writing.

Basically what i am asking of people is to let me know what you think? what would you like me to write about? any tips or recipes you may need? plus it will also help me find out how i can get others thinking about food ?

So Please Get Commenting!

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