Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Ahhh chocolate it's one of life's sinful pleasures!
Chocolate is produced from the seeds of the cocoa tree the seeds are fermented they are ground,dried then roasted to produce cocoa mass, which is then melted to a liquid called chocolate liquor, that is then added to the milk and sugar etc to produce chocolate.

It is a product that is used on nearly all holidays at Easter in the form of egg and bunnies and Christmas as Santas and even in hearts for valentines day it is the perfect gift! Well if I got givin it I would defiantly not complain.

I think that chocolate has some form of secret ingredients it truly can make u feel warm when your cold or happy when you are sad.
And I think that if you can learn to really appreciate it in small proportions you can really have the cure to any problem you may face.

Wether you are in to dark,milk,white or with fruit or nuts, chilli,salt or even soy there is a type for everyone.

And if you ever meet anyone who says they don't like it well I gotta say that I think they may be lying

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